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Parents Outraged by New Instagram Pornography Trend

Parents Outraged by New Instagram Pornography Trend

Parents across the UK have joined forces in demanding a greater moderation of content underage children can view on Instagram. The movement comes after the recent social media hashtag ‘skyporn’ has become viral. Rumoured to have been started by two American priests wishing to redirect pornographic internet searches, the tag is used to describe particularly stunning cloud arrangements, often being enhanced with an Instagram filer. When asked to explain this damning of a seeming innocent internet trend, spokesman for the movement Paul Deacon explained, ‘The tag itself is fairly innocent, but when my seven year old son typed ‘skyporn’ into the internet, the first seven search results were links to sites featuring the pornstar ‘Sky Lopez’’. The parents believe the lack of ability shown in regulating this ‘troubling’ hashtag is the main reason for their young children having ‘unwilling’ access to pornography.

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