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Drunken Party Goers Given Extra Guidance

Drunken Party Goers Given Extra Guidance

Party goers in the French ski resort of Meribel have been given extra help in finding their way to their après après-ski activities. There are numerous pubs and bars in the resort but one Pub chose a clever marketing ploy to stand out. ‘After about 8:30 in the evening people tend to be so drunk that they can barely see’ said a party-goer ‘the last thing you want to have to do is look for another place to get smashed’. ‘The sign is fantastic, it literally impossible to miss’ said another. Other bar owners in the resort have seemingly given up on competing, ‘we can’t get planning permission for new signs, PUB have a complete monopoly on big signs’ says rival bar owner, Jaques Rienhart, ‘it isn’t so bad, all the drunk girls go to PUB, so we go too when we are looking…’. We are not able to publish the remainder of his interview.

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