Self Improvment

Stapler The Consumer

This is the tale of Stapler The Consumer, a tale of death of bravery, companionship and revenge. It all began long ago in the magical world of Whiteback Round. There, the inhabitants lived in fear of a great destroyer, the feared Stapler The Consumer. He had begun slowly, taking only very occasionally, and only what … Continue reading

39 Days 39 Films

Day 3 – Blade Runner

What does it mean to be alive? ‘Sci-fi thriller films exist to entertain and to amuse, but they seem to offer little underlying message’. Blade Runner is most certainly the exception to that rule. Set in 2019 in a dystopian Los Angeles, Rick Deckhard (Harrison Ford) is a detective (known as a ‘Blade Runner’) who hunts … Continue reading

News Satire

Parents Outraged by New Instagram Pornography Trend

Parents across the UK have joined forces in demanding a greater moderation of content underage children can view on Instagram. The movement comes after the recent social media hashtag ‘skyporn’ has become viral. Rumoured to have been started by two American priests wishing to redirect pornographic internet searches, the tag is used to describe particularly … Continue reading