I have decided to follow the path less traveled (or so it seems) and have decided not to go to university (having dropped out after a very bad first experience). In order to justify this to myself, I have set three years (until I am 21 and would have graduated university  – June 2016) and several goals to achieve which, if achieved, I believe would be far more beneficial to me than the degree in Theology which I was originally going to study! Below I will detail my goals, briefly explain how I plan on going about doing them, and also the inspiration/help I receive/have received to make that goal my own. If you have any ideas of things you think I should be doing, any suggestions, or are simply interested and would like to chat to me about them, then fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can!

1. Learn how to HTML & CSS code

2. Start a company

Numbers one and two here go hand in hand – I am currently improving my knowledge of these two types of coding, in order to build the website for an idea I have had. I will keep you all updated with any progress I have, and I am currently planning to launch my site at around the beginning of September. I am currently using CodeAcademy which has been fantastic and I am reading Sams: Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 hours which is also proving incredibly useful.

3. Become fluent in French:

I have for a long time absolutely adored French culture, and spent much of my time when at school watching French films (I would recommend  Le Premier Jour du Reste e ta Vie and Hors de Prix to start with if you’re interested). Last summer I spent 2 months working on a vineyard near Bordeaux and really began to get a sense of the wonders of the French language, as well as the ‘true’ culture (by that I simply mean experiencing it, rather than reading about/watching it). This has succeeded in whetting my appetite, and I intend to revisit France as much as possible in order to target a (semi/quasi) mastery of the spoken language.

4. Produce (and find funding for) a full length film:

I have been obsessed with all sorts of film for years, but until recently had been far more interested in shorter films and videos (I co-created and co-wrote the Eton Style viral video (I did try and stay away from the filming, but yes, my bare torso @0:54 did make it into the Daily Mail…)). However recently I have been experimenting with writing feature length scripts for the first time and have become much more interested in cinema. I was recently given a list of great films to watch by my freelance writer friend (and sensational London tour guide!) Sophie Campbell which I will be blogging about on my ‘Films’ page. Thus once I have created a script I am happy to call my own, I will go about climbing the many challenging steps it takes to create an indie film.

5. Travel to 10 countries I have never been to before

I have always dreamed about traveling the world. For somebody who dreams of living in the US and who follows a sport which seems always to be played in Australia and the sub-continent (cricket – bane of my life) – my travelling seems to have been terribly Euro-centric so far. Thus I have come up with the following list of countries which I would love (and intend on) traveling to: USA, Canada, Australia, Morocco, India, Peru, Brazil, Romania,  New Zealand, China. I will detail any updates on my (attempted) travels on my ‘Traveling’ page.

6. Live in San Francisco

This, as is alluded to in the fantastic Dale J. Stephens‘ book ‘Hacking Your Education’ (The original catalyst which persuaded me and gave me the confidence to drop out of university) is more than simply the act of moving to and working in San Francisco (although don’t get me wrong – that is DEFINITELY one of my goals!). It is also an aim as, in order for me to get a visa to live in the US without a university degree, I must qualify as a person with  ‘extra-ordinary ability or achievement’. Which of course is significantly easier said (written) than done. This will be the most challenging and long term goal of the others I have so far listed, and I will try and explain the processes I go through when any significant progress occurs.

7. Hold a Festival!

Planning for this has in fact already begun. It has long been my aim to hold an arts festival – not just music but arts as a whole – Music, Spoken Word, Paintings, Sculpture, Film and Poetry readings. I plan to hold it from a Friday evening to the Sunday afternoon in around early July. I am currently creating the festival with Sophie Buck, and incredibly talented artist and photographer – check out her blog, here – and my good friend and obsessive windsurf fanatic, Hal Miller. I will keep updates as to our progress on my ‘Youth Festival’ page (although hopefully, if all goes well, this should move to it’s own page very soon!)

8. Help five people to have the confidence to ‘Choose Themselves’ over going to university.

Full credit to somebody who has inspired me – James Altucher (www.jamesaltucher.com) for his fantastic blog and ‘Choose Yourself’ – his book which enabled me to have the confidence to bet on myself! I therefore wish – through this blog, meeting people, or in fact any way I can get the message across, to inspire people like I have been inspired by the people I have listed above (as well as many others).

One thought on “Goals

  1. Hey Guy — this list looks really great! It’s inspiring to see you setting these goals and do get in touch if I can help in any way. I definitely look forward to reading updates! All the best

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